Support of websites and mobile applications from $2,600 per month.

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News and corporate website, web services, mobile applications for iOS and Android.

For who

The support for projects, which already released and want to grow.


The life of the product cannot be ended at the launch. Only after the launch become clear, what and how have to work, how to look and react on users actions.

Briefly about us

Flyphant is a digital studio, based in Moscow, Russia. Our aim is to provide the most efficient and high-quality solutions. To do this, we do not blindly follow the brief but try to understand the essence of its origin.

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Briefly about our works

Websites and mobile applications for iOS and Android of any complexity.

We also do animation of interfaces.

All our works

We have 28 projects presented in details.

What we offer

We have two offers. One, two, or all members of our team can participate in each of them.

Support of websites

From $2600 per month
(40 hours)

The team: designer, front-end developer, back-end developer.

What can be done in 40 hours:
design new pages;
make mobile versions of pages;
design and develop newsletters;
or make landing page.

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Support of mobile applications

From $2600 per month
(40 hours)

The team: designer, developer.

What can be done in 40 hours:
design new screens,
redesign screens for other platform,
add new screen or function in the app
or audit interface.

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